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Molecular Diversity
Journal Stylefiles/Templates

Kluwer LaTeX Stylefiles for Submission

If you are submitting your article in LaTeX, please use the most up-to-date versions of the stylefiles. These are available by downloading them from this page. Avoid using stylefiles acquired from other sources as these may not be correct or may be out-of-date.

All Kluwer journals have a common submission format, which differs from the style of any particular journal. Formatting for this style is done using the KLUWER.CLS file, and its accompanying stylefiles. Instructions on how to use the files is contained in USRMAN.TEX.

PC and Mac users may download a .ZIP archive containing all necessary files by clicking below.

UNIX users may download a tar gzip archive containing all necessary files by clicking below.

Help on using Kluwer LaTeX styles is also available separately in PostScript and Adobe PDF formats. (The PDF files will open straight in your browser if you have the Adobe Acrobat plug-in installed.)

For help on opening these files, or to report problems downloading them from the Kluwer server, please contact Kluwer Academic Publishers at editdept@wkap.nl .

To report problems downloading these files from this mirror please contact martin@5z.com .