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The Journal of Molecular Diversity is currently owned, and published by Kluwer Academic Publishers. In co-operation with them we bring you the abstract listings for Volume 3, and 4. The preceding volumes were published by ESCOM, before the journal was acquired by Kluwer Academic Publishers. Volume 1 is available in a full text version. Volume 2 abstracts are available, with few select articles being available in full text version. (These older volumes are in a state they were in at the time of the ownership change, so some information in those pages is outdated, or obsolete. Please see the general info for current information about the journal.)

Follow the link below to volume 3, 4, and 5 abstracts:

Journal materials as they were before the change of ownership:
(Material presently available on pages linked below was not updated for more than a year.... These do include abstract, and full text of the articles with figures in HTML format.)