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Welcome to MOLECULAR DIVERSITY, a journal dedicated to the fastgrowing field of molecular diversity generation and utilization.

We have a great news for you! If you publish an article in MOLECULAR DIVERSITY, you will get a free subscription for the printed version of the journal for the whole year!

And: Impact factor of MOLECULAR DIVERSITY is 2.534!

We now have the abstracts and full text of articles in PDF for volume 5 issue 1 on line. The full articles are also available for volume 3 issue 1 and volume 4 issue 3 and 4. MOLECULAR DIVERSITY is available complete from Kluwer Academic Publishers in electronic, and dead tree edition.
Follow the link below to the abstracts:

Further to the purchase of ESCOM by Kluwer Academic Publishers, Molecular Diversity is now available online to institutional subscribers.

Any authorized user connecting through the institution's domain name has immediate and full access to Molecular Diversity, providing that the institution is maintaining an electronic subscription. Electronic versions of articles are available up to 4 weeks in advance of the print edition. Features include:

  • * full text PDF files (including figures, tables, and high-resolution images) of all articles
  • * access to articles dating back to 1997 with a paid 1999 subscription
  • * full Boolean searching capabilities, allowing searching by key words, full titles, or authors

    Please visit Kluwer's journal home page for up-to-date information.

    Volume 3, Issue 1 is available as a free online sample copy. Tables of contents can be browsed and article abstracts (???) viewed for free.

    The titles of articles from the following issues are listed on the journal's home page:

  • Vol 3,Issue 1
  • Vol 3,Issue 2
  • Vol 3,Issue 3
  • Vol 3,Issue 4
  • Vol 4,Issue 1
  • Vol 4,Issue 2

    If you would like to see Molecular Diversity made available to private individual subscribers, please contact Peter Butler.

    Material presently available on this page (which was originally the home page of the journal) was not updated for more than a year....

    Research Papers (Journal materials as they were before the change of ownership)