Important note for users who purchased this software before 11/1/98

Well, we don't have an explanation why it happened, but it happened. There is a mistake in the database of abbreviations… Luckily, it is easy to fix.

Please follow these steps:
1 Start Peptide Companion
2 Click on "Write from Scratch"
3 Select "Hcy"
4 If formula shown for Hcy is not C4H6NOS, then click on "Edit Abbreviation"
5 In the window "Abbreviation Editor" type formula C4H6NOS
6 Click OK
7 Answer "yes" to question "Overwrite existing abbreviation?"
8 Answer "No" to question "Add default atoms?"
9 Answer "Yes" to question "Is this unnatural amino acid?"
10 Exit program
11 Answer "Yes" to question "Should I write all changes …?" (You will need your password.)

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